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Hey, my name is Alexander Popov. I am a chef of anything IT.

🗂️ Project list

⛏️ Minecraft JE Batch Launcher

Simple script for launch Minecraft without official launcher. Any OS

🔡 е с точками

Сайт для тех, что ценит русский язык и красивое написание текста

🎞️ Get YouTube video cover

Service for download video cover from YouTube

⌨️ CHange Of LAyout

Меняем написанный текст буржуйской раскладки на нашинскую

🔑 pmng

The very simple password manager for humans

🍎 assm

iOS splash screen generator

🟢 vk0nline

systemd service and utility for set online status on vk.com

💼 Other projects

git.a2s.su — Git mirrors of some repos

battlepillars-bot — Farming apples bot for Battlepillars

delver-pack-ru-ru — Репозиторий перевода Delver

git-ahead-check — A tool for checking changes that have not been sent in Git repos

eir — Easy Internet Radio (Visual Basic 6)

aimp-theme-pscc — Photoshop CC 2014 Visual Style for AIMP 4

proot-alpine — Script for run Alpine Linux from user directory

stanis-tits-scrap — Скрипт для скачивания голых и не только девушек с блога stanis.ru

lpp-linux-builder — Script for build Lua Player Plus apps for PSVITA (PSP2)

lastfm-backup — Script for download music scrobbles from Last.fm

olr_steam — Скрипт для запуска Oblivion Lost Remake в Steam

ogsr_steam — Скрипт для запуска OGSR Mod в Steam

minecraft-launcher-libs — Library parser from version.json on Minecraft JE

cuboid — Stuff JoyeTech Cuboid TC 150W

🔌 What I use

📕 Languages & frameworks: Pure C, C++, Crystal, JavaScript, Python, PHP, OpenCV 4, SFML, Bootstrap 5

🧰 Tools: Arch Linux, L4T, Porteus, Alpine Linux, OpenBSD, Windows 11, Sublime Text 4, CorelDRAW, GameMaker, EditorConfig, Gitea, Tmux

📢 Services: FastMail, Last.fm, MyAnimeList, Postcrossing, Pinterest

📫 How to reach me